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dj tim : thursday nights

Tim Williams was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin and was thus destined to be a Packer fan. While growing up in Lafayette, Indiana, at an early age Tim was intrigued by the influence of music on people and culture. This journey led him to begin dj-ing fraternity, sorority, and other college parties. This was soon followed by a residency at "Macaws" (The first nightclub owned by the owners of the Neon Cactus). As time progressed, Tim started playing theme nights that included alternative, industrial,techno, and even country. A few years after the opening of the Neon Cactus, Tim moved to St. Joseph, Michigan. While living in Michigan, Tim played clubs in St. Joseph, South Bend, Indiana, and even returned to West Lafayette for special events. A couple years later, Tim moved to the Champaign, Illinois area. Now living closer, Tim commutes every Thursday to the Neon Cactus. He has had the pleasure of playing with many other dj's regionally, and questlove of the Roots, and Dan the Automator

In his spare time, Tim enjoys his pets, glass blowing, hiking, live music and working in his music store Any Frequency in Monticello, Illinois.


dj tre : thursday nights
in the lounge

"Fast pace, addictive beats that are on the cutting edge of tomorrow's sound," is one of the many ways to describe the sounds of DJ TRE. Constantly remaining one step ahead of the trends, DJ TRE's unique sounds have earned him the name of 'Mr. Exclusive' from platinum artist Mike Jones. In a market oversaturated with DJ's, DJ TRE outshines the sounds of others and captivates his audience every time he steps up to the tables, keeping the dance floor packed from start to finish. With his clever ability to mix new sounds with old favorites, he unites himself with the audience, no matter how large or small.

Since working with the Bumsquad DJz, DJ TRE has branched off and worked with a number of musical talents across the spectrum of sound. He has made mix tapes with a number of platinum artists including The Ying Yang Twins, Paul Wall, David Banner, and Mike Jones. Tre's talents have even landed him on stage with a number of artists including Nelly Furtado, Hinder, Chris Brown, Paula Deanda, Twista along with many others.

Today, DJ TRE is the official DJ for Crunk Energy Drink and often
works to create a blend of sounds for Def Jam Records. Since the
beginning of his career in music, Tre has only begun transforming his
dreams into reality. He has raised the bar in the mid-west's dance
music and Hip Hop scene. By uniting all walks of life through the
commonality of music, he's been able to contribute his expertise and
unique sound to create a quality of beats unlike that of anyone else
in the industry.


fridays & saturdays

Fridays and Saturdays at the Neon Cactus will bring you the newest in top 40 and dance, as well as samplings of various genres of music including country, EDM, Trap, R&B, Retro and more. Our DJs, local, regional and nationally known, as well as current bands in a variety of genres will regularly come to the Cactus to supply our guests with the newest live and recorded selections across the boards! Our goal is to provide you the MOST entertainment under one roof, and to utilize the club's large dancefloor and state of the art sound and lights to the fullest potential for your enjoyment.

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